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Life insurance, simplified.

Reimagining the life insurance sales conversation.


New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of life insurance cover in the world.

While it’s easy to blame our ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, the process of applying for life insurance has always been cumbersome. The intensive form-filling, paperwork and meetings were tedious for both insurance advisers and customers alike, and the compliance burden resulted in some advisers leaving the industry altogether.


An industry-leading, dynamic sales tool that reshapes conversations between advisers and their clients. Welcome to Evince.

Combining smart technology and data science, Evince delivers a compelling experience that simplifies the process for both advisers and clients. Fewer meetings are required, and there is less paperwork and general administrative overhead. Smart data and intuitive visualisations create a ‘penny drop moment’ that helps Kiwis understand the importance of life insurance and the long-term impact of unexpected life events.

Cover and indicative premiums are recommended in real time, due to seamless integration with the Partners Life quote system. If a client wants to scale their cover up or down, Evince will automatically recalculate the premium, giving them a clear understanding of what is and isn’t covered and more control over the nuances of their life insurance.


Illustrating the value of life insurance.

Evince has been adopted with enthusiasm by advisers, with over 500 using the product. In addition, its streamlined data gathering and report generation has led to the entire process becoming over 50% faster.

Not only does early feedback suggest clients are taking out better levels of insurance, but thanks to Evince, advisers are also achieving more in one appointment than they previously did in two.

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